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Florida Realtors®, formerly known as the Florida Association of Realtors®, serves as The Voice for Real Estate® in Florida. It provides programs, services, continuing education, research and legislative representation to its 115,000 members in 67 boards/associations.
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Average homeowner gained $12K in equity in 3Q

Mon, 12/10/2018 - 04:28
CoreLogic Home Equity Report: Fla. homeowners gained a little less on average, in the 3Q: $10K. U.S. increases are down year-to-year; in 3Q 2017, it was $16K.

87,000 Fla. homeowners dropped by property insurers in 3Q

Mon, 12/10/2018 - 04:27
Hurricanes generated more than $15 billion in Fla. claims over the past two years. Increasing AOB claims, notably in S. Fla., also have caused big national companies to largely leave the state in favor of smaller, Fla.-based insurers.

Phishing scam targets Realtors to 'support Diana recovery'

Mon, 12/10/2018 - 04:26
A number of Realtors received an email over the weekend with the subject line "Help Support Diana Recovery." Ignore it and report it, says NAR.

Lost HUD aid after Hurricane Michael? FEMA may help

Mon, 12/10/2018 - 04:25
FEMA can't legally duplicate aid efforts by other fed agencies – but if HUD stops paying because a home is unlivable, residents may qualify for FEMA aid.

How to plan a smart home and weigh privacy risks

Mon, 12/10/2018 - 04:23
Smart-home appliances and gadgets connect to the internet and give owners amenities they didn't know they needed – but they can also give hackers an access key.

Build referrals by treating customers like it's a date

Mon, 12/10/2018 - 04:22
You expand a customer base by building a relationship – the same thing you do when dating. And if you ask certain questions too early, you could ruin everything.

Should human appraisals be optional for homes under $400K?

Mon, 12/10/2018 - 04:20
Three fed agencies approved a proposal to allow automated appraisals on homes worth less than $400K; they'll be accepting public comments for the next 60 days. Learn more.

NAR: Real estate's top 6 challenges now and in the future

Fri, 12/07/2018 - 04:09
From interest rate hikes to climate change, shifts in physical, political and economic worlds affect the real estate industry with short- and long-term hurdles.

Study: Fla. top state for in-migration from other states

Fri, 12/07/2018 - 04:07
LendingTree report: Fla. is the preferred destination for residents of 15 states who are considering an out-of-state move, including most Northeast states. Almost one out of 10 Americans considering an out-of-state move prefers Fla.

Medical marijuana collides with fed law in subsidized housing

Fri, 12/07/2018 - 04:06
While Fla. approved medical marijuana, it's not legal under federal law. For residents in federally subsidized homes, a doctor's prescription may not be enough.

Can owners stop paying taxes, insurance via their mortgage?

Fri, 12/07/2018 - 03:19
An owner who had to pay an end-of-year tax bill because his mortgage servicer didn't put enough into escrow wants to know why he can't pay his own taxes.

Slowdown is striking the luxury market too

Fri, 12/07/2018 - 03:18
Luxury builder Toll Brothers reported a 13% year-to-year drop in 4Q, and the cause seems similar to the one affecting lower-priced homes: higher mortgage rates.

Need health insurance? You must sign up by Dec. 15

Fri, 12/07/2018 - 03:17
NAR's private Members Health Insurance Exchange can help members enroll in an individual medical plan through a variety of carriers that offer guaranteed acceptance.

Most online home searches done on weekday mornings

Fri, 12/07/2018 - 03:16
Buyers like to study home listings on company time. They search more Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and 10 a.m. Friday is the most popular time of the week.

Flood ins. extended to Dec. 21 – 10-month bill introduced

Thu, 12/06/2018 - 04:29
Federal funding and flood insurance all now expire only days before the Christmas holiday – but a bipartisan Senate bill just filed calls for a 10-month extension.

ATTOM: U.S. home flips drop 12% in the third quarter

Thu, 12/06/2018 - 04:28
Rising home prices and mortgage rates have impacted home flips, which fell to a 3.5-year low in 3Q – the third consecutive quarter with a year-of-year decrease. ATTOM VP sees the flipping slowdown as a reflection of trending real estate market performance

Average mortgage rates fall again – 30-year at 4.75%

Thu, 12/06/2018 - 04:25
Rates fell this week amid a steep decline in stock prices. Freddie Mac's chief economist calls it "welcome relief to prospective homebuyers."

NAR study: Realtors more likely to donate to charities

Thu, 12/06/2018 - 04:24
82% of Realtors donate money to charities each year compared to 56.6% of all Americans – and 85% of AEs and MLS staff do volunteer work for 10 hours each month.

Citizens Ins. offers to settle 6,500 Hurricane Irma lawsuits

Thu, 12/06/2018 - 04:23
The Fla.-owned insurer is still dealing with claims from the Sept. 2017 storm and hopes to expedite settlements by picking up the cost for appraisers and umpires.

Elevated home? Best if less than 3 feet or more than 7 feet

Thu, 12/06/2018 - 04:21
If elevating a home for hurricane mitigation, it would seem the higher the better – but a study finds that the 3-foot to 7-foot range is a bit less effective.