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Congress passes flood insurance, president expected to sign

Tue, 07/31/2018 - 04:16
The U.S. Senate approved a four-month extension for the NFIP yesterday that the House approved earlier. Once signed, the program will be extended to Nov. 30.

Zillow's new tool does some property-manager tasks

Tue, 07/31/2018 - 04:15
The tool screens prospective tenants, performs background checks and collects rent monthly. To participate, renters pay $29 for one application that can be sent to multiple companies; property managers and landlords don't pay.

UF: In Florida, economic optimism grows in July

Tue, 07/31/2018 - 04:14
UF economist: "Despite a slight decline in expectations about the national economy in the short-run, Floridians' future expectations improved greatly" this month.

Renter accusation: Invitation Homes poorly maintained

Tue, 07/31/2018 - 04:13
Reuters: Renters say the institutional investor that owns a large inventory of single-family homes doesn't fix leaks, insect infestations, toxic mold and more.

U.S. consumer confidence moves a tiny bit higher

Tue, 07/31/2018 - 04:11
The outlook of U.S. consumers hasn't changed much in the past two months. After falling marginally to 127.1 in June, the index rose slightly to 127.4 in July.

More move-up buyers pay new loan by renting old home

Tue, 07/31/2018 - 04:10
More owners are starting to rent out their old home rather than sell when they want to move up – especially people living in areas where rents have skyrocketed.

Need something? You'll find it at the Trade Expo

Tue, 07/31/2018 - 04:09
Have downtime next week? Show up Aug. 8-9 for Florida Realtors Convention and Trade Expo and explore 200+ exhibitors – from old-school marketing tools to the latest tech.

June pending home sales reverse course, rise 0.9%

Mon, 07/30/2018 - 04:03
While pending sales are still down 2.5% in a year-to-year comparison, NAR Chief Economist Yun says, "It's possible the worst of the supply crunch ... has passed."

HUD continues enforcement of disability discrimination

Mon, 07/30/2018 - 04:02
The department announced agreements in four states for four different Fair Housing violations, including issues concerning service animals, emotional-support animals, first-floor accommodations for mobility-impaired tenants and too-few accessible units.

Can condo, homeowners associations use volunteers?

Mon, 07/30/2018 - 04:01
With volunteer work, our insurer says yes but our attorney advises no: What do we do? Also: Are board votes legal if an item isn't noted on the agenda?

Homeownership rate keeps climbing but still below 'normal'

Mon, 07/30/2018 - 04:00
The share of owner-occupied homes jumped 0.6 percentage points over the past year, but it's still a percentage point under the 50-year average.

Commercial properties: Mitigate to reduce storm losses

Mon, 07/30/2018 - 03:59
Lisa Miller and Associates: FM Global found that every $1 spent on hurricane protection reduces a business' exposure loss by an average $105.

Search-engine optimization: What matters, what doesn't

Mon, 07/30/2018 - 03:53
SEO isn't an exact science, especially since Google changes its algorithm hundreds of times each year. But a few things seem to consistently work for real estate.

Catch the Next Wave: YPN summit set for Sept. 19-20

Mon, 07/30/2018 - 03:52
What's the next wave in tech, social media or best practices? Find out at the 2018 Next Wave Conference sponsored by the Florida YPN Committee in Atlantic Beach, Fla. (Link underlined to:

What does it cost to sell without a real estate agent?

Fri, 07/27/2018 - 04:19
"Seller's regret" could apply to owners who sell without using a real estate agent. NAR's latest study finds that their home sales generally earn them less money.

Aug. 7: Florida's largest REBarCamp

Fri, 07/27/2018 - 04:18
Want strategies you can use every day to boost profits? REBarCamp, the free unconventional convention, is a peer-to-peer learning event for RE pros and novices alike.

Are reverse mortgages a boon or a bane?

Fri, 07/27/2018 - 04:12
The CFPB had about 1,200 reverse-mortgage consumer complaints over 3 years. People cited "confusion and frustration over the terms" and loan-servicing problems.

78% of people would give up a great kitchen for THIS home feature

Fri, 07/27/2018 - 04:11
78% of buyers are willing to give up high-desire home features to be in a good school district, according to a new survey from

QandA: What does a landlord owe a tenant if the A/C goes out?

Fri, 07/27/2018 - 04:10
A condo association controls air conditioning and all facilities. If an owner rents out a unit, what does he owe the tenant if the A/C fails for two days?

Flood ins. update: Feisty senators could cause a problem

Fri, 07/27/2018 - 04:09
The U.S. Senate won't take up flood insurance until this week – possibly hours before it's scheduled to expire. The short timeline could entice 1 of 3 fiscal-hawks who oppose it to invoke procedural delays; if so, the program would still expire on Tue.