Rental Management Services

Allied Property Management Group Inc. offers a level of service few in the industry can compete with.  We offer peace of mind, convenience, expert advice from experienced investors and managers, and contacts with all the necessary partners to make your investment profitable such as insurance agents, roofers, A/C technicians, contractors and more.

Why Choose Us Over Other Companies Or A Real Estate Agent
Our Services
Our Fee Structure
The Process
Why Have Your Property Professionally Managed
What To Look For When Selecting A Management Company


Why Choose Us Over Other Companies Or A Real Estate Agent

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Our Capabilities

  • Tenants can pay rent online with an e-check, debit from their bank account and also with a credit card.  This feature increases tenant satisfaction and speeds the process of collecting and submitting rent to you
  • We provide you a monthly online statement of income and expenses
  • We have established relationships with many vendors to help ensure the best pricing and honest work
  • We use one of the best, industry specific software packages to run our management database and accounting functions – No QuickBooks!
  • We pay you by direct deposit so you get your money faster, no matter where in the world you are
  • Tenants can submit maintenance requests online – click for sample
  • Our thorough screening process that also allows tenants to submit their application online
  • Ongoing education and certifications

We are investors owners just like you

  • So we understand what’s important

We specialize in Management

  • Don’t trust your valuable asset to just anyone

Our company has a division that manages Condominium and Homeowners associations

  • With so many rental units in these types of associations our extensive knowledge of their rights and responsibilities is constantly benefiting our rental management clients

Legal Support, At No Cost

  • We work with a law firm that specializes in, and only represents management companies and the interests of property owners.  We are provided with legal support, at no cost to you, for any situations that may arise.  This is crucial in protecting your interests.  Ask yourself how much your attorney would charge you for this, and also if he/she is familiar with Florida Landlord/Tenant law.

Cost Savings

  • Add up all the benefits we offer and you will realize that it more than offsets that costs of having your property managed by us

We Are Fair And Honest

  • We will give you a realistic valuation of your property supported by market comparables.  As often happens in the industry, we will not provide you an unrealistic value just to get your business – it simply leads to disappointment.

No Forced Reserves

  • We do not keep your money in reserve for unexpected expenses (unless requested to do so to pay for specific recurring expenses on your behalf).  Payments for expenses are made from the next rent payment received

Unless they specialize in it, your local Real Estate agent just doesn’t have the technology, capacity, specializing and resources that we offer such as accepting rent online with credit cards, sending you direct deposit or giving you online statements

24 hour emergency line available for property threatening emergencies

The total cost to have your property managed is just slightly more than the typical cost to have a real estate professional lease it and step out of the situation.  Add in cost savings for vendors and legal advice and it becomes less expensive!


Our Services

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We offer a comprehensive service package at a competitive cost. 

Our industry leading services include:

  • A market analysis to determine a valuation of the market rent for your property
  • Marketing of your property, including photos and descriptions – to locate qualified tenants
  • Tenant application process – our search covers 5 important areas and includes a credit and criminal search.  A representative will be happy to review these important searches with you and why we perform them
  • Working with Homeowners or Condo association process for approval (if applicable) so you don’t have to navigate this process – additionally our company manages these types of associations so we are very familiar with the rules governing their conduct and how they must treat you and your property
  • Obtaining executed lease agreement
  • Taking digital video of the property to document condition at move in and move out
  • Moving in tenant and making necessary arrangements
  • Preparing property for move in – dispatching vendors for repairs or cleaning as necessary to initially get your property marketable and into ‘move in’ condition
  • Accepting tenant repair and service requests, evaluating requests,  then dispatching appropriate vendors or advising the tenant of their responsibility to correct the issue
  • Monthly rent collection – tenants can also pay on our website with their checking account, or by credit card – speeding up the collection of your rent
  • Processing collection letters and calls in the event of a tenant late payment
  • Send payments from the rent proceeds for your recurring expenses such as pool maintenance or lawn care, so that you don’t have to
  • Handle all tenant correspondence, communications and requests
  • Assistance from our property management specialist attorneys to obtain no cost advice on landlord/tenant legal questions that may arise
  • Enforce the lease provisions
  • Lease renewals and rent increases
  • Performing period property inspections
  • Provide you with a complete history of all income and expenses
  • Provide you with a year end summary to simply your tax preparation by not having to search through a years worth of statements


Our Fee Structure

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Our fees are competitive and affordable. We are competitively priced to offer high quality and high value service at a reasonable price.

We offer management packages tailored to meet the specific needs and goals of our clientele.

Our fees start at just $49 per month.

Our fee structure is designed with the simple philosophy that our interests are aligned with our investor clients and we are only compensated when you are making money. Our goal is to bring in the highest rent for your property and to lease it in as little time as possible. A vacant property is not profitable for either of us.

**Please contact us for special package pricing for multiple units. Additionally, we offer special programs with aggressive fee structures for investor groups, REITs, asset managers, Banks, Foreign Investment Entities and any bulk buyers/owners of investment properties. Our large coverage area in Florida means you can own units in multiple cites/regions and still have preferred pricing as well as the convenience of one company to work with.


The Process

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Signing Up

Signing up your property with us is easy. Simply click here to get started by contacting us. We’ll answer all your questions, review the process with you and send you the information you need to get your property making money in no time at all!


Once you have signed up with us we will get to work immediately to get your property rented. We visit the property to take photos, note all amenities and compose an attractive description for the rental advertising. We will post the property on our website and various others. We will work with interested parties so they may view the property, and then we will process applications to approve a qualified tenant. From that point we will go through the lease signing and move in process to get them settled, including working with the Association, if present. We will handle the security deposit and ensure that all the laws governing the handling of security deposits are strictly adhered to.


Once the tenant is living in the home we take care of all communications with them including repair requests, rent collection, lease enforcement and every other aspect of the ongoing management of the property and tenant so that you do not need to. We will pay vendors from the rent proceeds and will also look after paying any recurring invoices such as lawn or pool care. The assigned property manager will be your contact and the tenant’s contact. The manager may be reached by any of our phone numbers local to the property and also by email.


Nearing the expiration of the lease term we will work with your tenant to retain them in the home and negotiate a rent increase based on a market analysis of current rents. Our priority is to retain your tenant to keep costs down and income being generated. Should the tenant need to vacate the home, we will immediately begin marketing the property to limit any down time and secure a new tenant as quickly as possible. A move out inspection and video will be performed upon move out and any damages will be repaired with the costs assessed against the security deposit.


Why Have Your Property Professionally Managed

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In addition to the items mentioned above, please consider:

  • Are you local to the property?
  • How much would any legal assistance cost you?
  • Do you know the Florida Landlord/Tenant laws?
  • Do you know all the notice and handling requirements of a security deposit?
  • Do you have vendors available to go out on short notice and that you can trust?
  • Do you know what notices to serve the tenant with if they are late with the rent, the time and language of those letters and how to deliver?
  • Do you know the eviction process?
  • Do you know the penalties you will face for violating Florida Landlord/Tenant laws?  Do you even know to avoid inadvertently causing a violation?
  • One mistake on processing the security deposit could leave you losing it all in court, as well as paying an attorney AND paying the tenant’s attorney!

If you don’t have an understanding of all the items, please contact us now!


What To Look For When Selecting A Management Company

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  • Does the company specialize in management?
  • Are any of the people involved owners of rental property?
  • Do they have any property management designations?
  • Are you dealing with just an agent, or with a management firm?
  • What type of management software do they use for accounting and database functions – You don’t want to hear ‘QuickBooks’, ‘Excel’, or ‘nothing’.  You want to hear actual management software such as Promas Landmaster, Rent Right, or even Yardi (most companies are moving away from Yardi).
  • Do they force you to fund a reserve account and always keep that money of yours tied up?
  • Can tenants pay online at their website with a credit card, debit card, or directly from their bank account?
  • What type of screening/application process do they have in place?  Does it cost you anything?  What check do they perform such as criminal, credit, or terrorist search (it is illegal to rent to anyone on the terrorist list)?
  • Are they a member of the National Association of Residential Property Managers?
  • Can you view your statement and transactions online
  • Are they licensed?  What types of insurance do they carry such as worker’s compensation, general liability and professional liability?