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Florida Realtors®, formerly known as the Florida Association of Realtors®, serves as The Voice for Real Estate® in Florida. It provides programs, services, continuing education, research and legislative representation to its 115,000 members in 67 boards/associations.
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Writing a blog? It might do more harm than good

Wed, 02/06/2019 - 04:48
Almost everyone can write, but very few people can produce compelling copy that engages readers. If in doubt, hire an expert.

Apply now for Florida Realtors' student scholarships

Wed, 02/06/2019 - 04:47
March 4 at noon is the deadline for Fla. high school seniors plus those in college to apply for a scholarship from Florida Realtors Education Foundation. Learn more and apply.

Fla. sees more out-of-state buyers from high-tax states

Tue, 02/05/2019 - 04:52
New York faces a big fiscal shortfall that its governor blames, in part, on tax reform. He says more residents are now moving to lower-tax states – notably Fla.

Study: Even female-dominant industries have glass ceilings

Tue, 02/05/2019 - 04:51
Coldwell Banker study: 1 in 3 people working in industries with a female majority – such as real estate – say there's a "glass ceiling," and it's more difficult for women to reach executive or senior-level positions.

Cash-buyer disclosure rules have little impact on sales

Tue, 02/05/2019 - 04:48
WSJ study: Many shell company owners may no longer buy property anonymously – a fed move to stop money laundering. But their names are never made public.

Self-driving cars may reinvent RE – but not soon

Tue, 02/05/2019 - 04:47
Self-driving autos exist, but they're not ready to go mainstream and change real estate industry dynamics. Developers must still overcome some major challenges.

Fannie-Freddie release plan draws scrutiny

Tue, 02/05/2019 - 04:46
Congress has a plan to return Fannie, Freddie into at least semi-private hands, but the U.S. Treasury may be trying to do the same thing on its own.

Questions first-time buyers should ask their lender

Tue, 02/05/2019 - 04:45
For many buyers, mortgages are strange, new territory. Asking the right questions isn't only educational – it might also help buyers secure a less costly loan.

Questions about possible ad rule changes? Tell FREC today

Tue, 02/05/2019 - 04:44
Under consideration is that a licensee's name shall not appear larger than the brokerage info in advertising. Thoughts? Plan to attend Feb. 13 meeting.

Top Realtor issues prioritized in Fla. governor's budget

Mon, 02/04/2019 - 04:02
"Realtors should be very excited by what we're seeing," says Pres. Eric Sain. It's significant money "that can help address some of Fla.'s biggest issues."

Zillow spends $1M trying to improve its 'Zestimates'

Mon, 02/04/2019 - 04:01
The home estimates aren't very accurate – 50% are currently over/under by more than 4.5% – yet some owners still track their home's Zestimate value as if it's the stock market. Zillow says about 1 in 8 estimates are wrong by at least 20%.

iBuyers target sellers who hate the stress of selling

Mon, 02/04/2019 - 03:59
Instant-offer buyers immediately resell homes for more, and an Orlando-area 400-home study found Opendoor averaged $11K more; Offerpad averaged $19K more.

Buying a home before age 35 worth it now – and later

Mon, 02/04/2019 - 03:58
Urban Institute: Today's older adults who bought their first home between ages 25 to 34 accumulated the most housing wealth by their 60s – a median of $150K.

Senate proposes changes for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

Mon, 02/04/2019 - 03:56
The GSEs generate income for taxpayers but hold great risk if there's a recession. The Senate says it wants a "permanent, sustainable new housing finance system."

Growing your biz? Consider creative options

Mon, 02/04/2019 - 03:54
It can be challenging to grow a real estate business, but there are creative marketing strategies that many agents miss.

Questions about possible ad rule changes? Tell FREC on Wed.

Mon, 02/04/2019 - 03:53
Under consideration is that a licensee's name shall not appear larger than the brokerage info in advertising. Thoughts? Plan to attend Feb. 13 meeting.

Will the U.S have a severe housing shortage someday?

Fri, 02/01/2019 - 04:49
A lack of new homes is a current problem for buyers, but it could be a long-term problem for the U.S. as more and more older homes decay and become inhabitable.

Can you sell 1/4 of a home without co-owners permission?

Fri, 02/01/2019 - 04:44
Four brothers co-own a house and one unhappy brother wants out. He doesn't want to sue them, though. Does he need their permission to sell his quarter?

Dear investor: Are you sure you want an Airbnb?

Fri, 02/01/2019 - 04:43
Buying investment homes to rent via Airbnb is a hot trend, but it's not the same as a one-year lease with a renter. Buyers should understand the difference.

Residential builds push Nov. construction spending up 0.8%

Fri, 02/01/2019 - 04:42
The strength came from a 3.5% jump in spending on home building – a 2.6% increase in apartment construction that offset a 1.8% drop in single-family.